POMACE editions?
There have been some crazy questions about my crazy prices.

Here is the deal:
I am organizing the finances of FreeMatterForTheBlind in accordance with the artfull economic policies Gary Panter has mentioned in regards to some of his multiples. Its the only thing that seems to make sense these days at least when it comes to short run weirdo music.

Which is to say, when I make a hundred of something, they will start off cheap and as I run out, I will raise the prices according to the whims of my semi-intelligent lifeform TOMY, who does the books.

Basically this means if you want to sell stuff cheap you can, people just have to get it while there are some around, if your a collector and you want it for that reason, then I dont mind charging you for it when I only have a handfull of copies left. As I see it its a sort of sliding scale depending on intent. So if I only silkscreen 100 cassette covers, thats it- 100 cassettes. It might start out as a 6 dollar cassette and become a 12 dollar cassette when half are gone, or a 25 dollar cassette when I only have 10 left. Something like that.

As a compromise in the interest of keeping some things in the world- (most this stuff goes out of print pretty fast) and largely to listen to, and also to have around in case people really want to play them on the radio or whatever, I have been encouraged to bootleg my own releases and re-issue them in color copies. I call it a Pomace edition.Pomace is the word for the second pressing of grapes when making wine. Its not supposed to be as good, but it will sure as hell get you drunk. Its not the best solution, but its okay for now. Ill make them as requested when things go out of print. SO
If you want a Pomace edition of anything thats sold out- just get in touchand tell me what you want.

In the meantime your best bet is simply to buy the stuff when it comes out and bootleg copies for your friends when its gone. Peace.R