" Let It Be A Nightingale Then" / "Whose Words Are My Words" LP

>linernotes by Carlo Steegen: "As a kid I clearly remember playing in the
backgarden, chasing frogs with a stick or trying to set fire to an
abandoned wooden shack in the fields. Occassionally I'd just trip over a
stone, ending up with a mouth full of dirt. An experience that balances
on the thin cord between natural flavor and gross foodchain blubber. The
habit of eating clay, mud or dirt is known as geophagy. Mud is a key
ingredient to make an earthbong. Under the dirt carpet there's a crowd
of rat hunters, rambling priests, spellcasting witches and
protectionists endlessly hypnotizing you with brooding organ waves. With
the use of stiff little fingers and nods to organic tangerine dreams,
Mudboy crafts explosive voodoo dolls out of spiritual sticks. Best
enjoyed while picking crows off the ground in the woods, the brain all
wrapped in plastic bubble-wrap, breathing from the shadows. But
someday... you ain't gonna worry my life anymore."


this one is pretty funny / messy
This is certainly a strange looking strange record. It looks like it
could be a record on Ultra Eczema, but it's on Bread And Animals, which
is likewise a Belgium label. I have no clue who Mudboy is, or Orphan
Fairytale, but I am told (but am I to believe) that he a six year old
synthwizard. He is only present on the b-side of the record. The tracks
on the a-side are all 'songs' in some rather bizarre way. Not really in
a traditional sense of the word, but from an outside point this might be
indeed songs. The b-side is a cosmic freak out on synthesizers, field
recordings of birds and children playing outside and transformed voices.
Bits of rhythm kick in every now and then.
In all the record is quite lo-fi, but at the same time also psychedelic
and surely goes down as an outsider record. I myself am a bit unsure
what to think of this.
The album comes in a very silkscreened cover and that will surely
attract some of the more serious vinyl collectors. (FdW)


Gorgeously presented LP in a silk-screened sleeve that seems to be thick
with paint, even the inner sleeve is decorated. One side of solo Mudboy
(with a little from Stefan Neville - Pumice - on chord organ on the
opener): warped electronics / synth swarm. The other side finds him team
up with Belgian Orphan Fairytale in a hypnotic dream / nightmare world
of synths, chord organs, child-like electronics, weird resonances and
occasional wordless vocals.

This is a real killer album, reminds me about the Paul kelday sound but
not that depressing...)