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Mark Coyle -The Unbroken Circle

"For a touch of the delightfully bewildered, cranium massaging derangement we turn to 'TrutheaterTheater' with their hilarious, surreal, insane intoxicated aural movie-on-CD 'Travel Light Light Keeper'. You owe it to yourself to hear this, These are the imaginary people who scared Negativland. At one point a voice asks 'Are you high all the time?'. I know how they do I get back down? This is not just out-there, it's inter-dimensionally, brain scrapingly strange. It will change your brain patterns, it will create subversive impules, you will stroke goose necks. You won't need narcotics, you will be creating narcotic thoughts and pushing them for free. 'Can I Get A Witness' says a helium filled lunatic at one point. You are that witness..."

Chris Jacques (9 out of 10 lightning bolts)

"I had my fill of theatre when I completed an education degree a decade ago. In fact, I got so burnt out that I rarely attend live theatrical performances and would rather surround myself with lepers than actors. So once I discovered the T.L.L.K. was not a band as much as a minstrel-esque ensemble and the disc the audio companion to a 2004 performance, I experience more than a little trepidation. About 35 seconds into the disc, a happy realization presented itself; These guys are actors they're a bunch of freaks & heads running around the forest creating psychotropic alternate realities revolving around the question 'Are you high all the time?'!! It is mind blowing and boggling all at the same time and oh oh oh sooo amazing. A variety of Providence area musicians, most notably including Urdog & Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt, cook up a sludge of noisy psych via electronic and organic means which serve to highlight and support the delivery of disjointed and at times bizarre & stoner logic text. Trutheatertheatre is an acquired taste and even those who will dig it off the hop will not spin it too often. It is very similar to many of the hippie exploitation records like the Victims of Circumstance, Crazy People, or the 'How to have a Freak Out Party'. It's a brilliant oddity that you should have around to scramble yr. head and confuse yr. pets with."


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