Doctor of Experimental Organomics
Discography of sorts.



MUDBOY - Impossible Duets LP

33 RPM
Ltd. edition of 500
No repress for sale from Hundebiss IT

Artwork: Hand cut and folded recycled paper
The doctor of experimental organomics explores new approaches to his personal hallucinations. Here in the Impossible Duets we find a radical approach to collaboration as mudboy takes on the Philip K. Dick's The Martian Time Slip; sings along with Brian Eno, dives into a field recording of his family's swamp and uses the resonant frequency of the earth as a binural delta wave inducing Cambodian pop song. Included in this hand folded origami styled cover art is a treatise by mudboy on music. Referencing John Cage, Eriksonian hypnosis and the Schumann Resonance he imagines the possibility of collaboration with the dead and invisible-
"I take no more than can I give. If I were sitting down with Brian Eno, or Philip K Dick and talking through our collaboration, I would say: -You have done your half, please allow me to do mine .Let me bring to this conversation about impossibilities an imagination,let me ask what is possible if we were not so separated by time, or fame or death."

Mudboy's Impossible Duets is released by Hundebiss Records in a limited edition of 500 hand folded copies. (LP ONLY- no repress)


Mudboy "Mort Aux Vaches" Staalplaat
While there have been numerous Mudboy releases since, the material on his latest actually dates back to not long after that initial burst onto the scene. “Mort Aux Vaches”, Staalplaat’s on-going series of live sessions from Dutch radio station VPRO, was recorded back in November of 2006.
Packaged in cleverly assembled wooden panels, this 5-track, 30-minute offering shows Mudboy working through a fairly wide array of sounds, supplementing his modified organ work with various manipulated field recordings and vocal effects....Why this live session is just being released now is a bit of a mystery, though is frankly of little importance, as Mudboy’s brand of sonic alchemy is as potent as ever on “Mort Aux Vaches.”

8/10 on Foxy DIgitalis

Very LIMITED to 500 copies Wooden Three Part Case

LONG FORM CS/ CDR Belgian style with Download!

"Live in Antwerp" c-40/ CDR

This Long form CS/CDr release is recordings of two live collab sets between mudboy and Orphan Fairytale in Antwerp-in the beginning of 2006-
one at the Freaksendfuture show and one at a New Years Party two months later. The CS version comes with a mp3 Download. The Long form silkscreen album art (12" in the case of the CDr and 24" in the case of the CS) are by R.Lyon. The CD is an edition of 50, The CS in an edition of 200.


Postage Paid

Offset Optical Illusion Poster
with Mp3 Download
and 7" Vinyl

music for any speed

close up
Detail: Step away 30 feet for change.

"Music for Any Speed" Limited edition
Poster+Mp3+7" Edition of 300
Poster+mp3 only Edition of 700

This set of two tracks are mirrored reflexions on the same moment- two sides two be played at any speed- true fractal music in the mudbot style.
Comes with a fold out Duo-tone optical illusion poster. Released by the Belgian import Lexi Disques

“A rollercoaster ride in the dark. A psychedelic nightmare if you wish. Two fine songs.” (FdW, Vital Weekly)

It's a dream sequence in Bladerunner....or a renaissance faire on another planet." (

“my neigbour said the mudboy 7" sounds like an irish folk record and black sabbath's 'master of reality' played together. and the b side: like irish folk meets black sabbath afer a night of heavy drinking.” (Joeri Bruyninckx)

Poster + mp3 download + Vinyl 7"
OR poster + mp3 only.


Postage Paid

Each Coupon UNIQUE!

Mudboy's First Digital Release:
Limited to 100 copies
"RARE FIND " EP 21 minutes 3 tracks

In Conjunction with this "Rare Find" EP features three unreleased tracks: "Breath In, Breath Out, and a live jam with Area C.

Each coupon comes with a handwritten UNIQUE code that allows for the download of this album 2x. Simply enter the code into the posterdisc site- and wallah! you are ipod rocking. Every hand drawn crushed ipod shaped coupon is attached to a unique item found while on tour throughout Europe and the USA.
(Rollover image for examples)

Meet mysterious technology! Find outrageous plant life. Each item unique. Only about 20 of these left.
Prices include postage. Please select Organic or Inorganic for your "Rare Find" Attachment.



6 DOLLARS POSTAGE PAID (international)

Hand Silkscreened fold out cover
with mp3 download coupon

Mudbeats volume III
"Metal USA" w
free MP3 download coupon.

"Mudboy "Mudbeats 3 (metal usa)" cassette.
Strap yourself to a chair or the roof of a train and prepare for the third volume of mudboy's beat tapes. Non stop, fearless, focused beats that only can roll and gurgle out of an old organ/synth. straight, heavy modified organ beats accompanied by minimal melody from the synth/organs, serious music, for dark late night walks, chase scenes, and serious head bobbing. silk screen covers by R. Lyon"


select type

Released by
Breaking world Records

Hand Silkscreened Belgian style case=
4 color 4x11 Cassette poster
+ w/Mmmmp3 download code

5608 C-20
With roll-out poster and MP3 download code.
5 copies left !

5608 Is the frank reminders of boondogle supergroup:
NorthEast meets Southern Hemisphere(hear?)
Join the Jam with:
Stefan Neville (of Pumice) and NZ fame,
------->Guitar, Keys, Vocals<---------
Dave Lifrieri (urdog, Xerxes, Manbeard etal.)
-------->Guitar and Melodica, <--------------
with Mudboybeats (x members of mudboybeats)
-------->Percussion and Harmonium<--------

JAMMIN! This c-20 is like a pill you take to drive, a single solid shot of the best freak money can buy.Dowop, Doom wop, Doom warp you way on down. EDITION OF 133- LISTEN TO A BIT HERE

Drawings by Mr. Neville

This release will come with a ipod sticker featuring a download code to get this tape out of the internet and onto your ipod. Each sticker/code is good for two downloads. only 5 copies left !

20 Dollars (US) includes shipping

25 dollars International includes shipping

hand silkscreened fold out cover
w/Blue transparent vinyl

"Mudboy's MuDMuX" 7" series. Volume I
with Extreme Animals and Dark Dark Dark


from: DNT records
"Garbled remixes of material recorded by Extreme Animals and Dark Dark Dark, committed by a typically jumpy Providence based polymath. The packaging is a goddamn riot of colours and textures. As to the music, well the A side is the most spunked-out cartoon soundtrack around, and the flip is dolorously recut accordian blues."- The Wire Magazine.

. Hi-quality Blue vinyl with silver labels.
More Reviews

Side A of this first edition features an unearthed file by the Extreme Animals resurrected as a tribute to "Lil John Carpenter." Percussion by Jeremy Lazy "animal" Magnet Harris.

Side B is a devastating whirlpool cliff walk based on a song written and sung by the DarkDarkDark band.
Backup fingers by Alec K Redfearn
of the Eyesores fame.

Cover art is a hand made blue and platinum 4 pass
silkscreen by R Lyon in collaboration with Kevin Hooyman. Using an experimental marbelled printing technique to generate the skyscape.
Each one is unique. Limited to 535.

DNT records
(DNT 035)

7 inch gif


::limited to 50 copies: 16 left.


In commeration of the series of All Bones Build installations (Los Angeles, Chicago, Providence) mudboy created this special DIY installation set especially for you.
The person.

Each kit comes with a unique hand made crystal which can be configured in various configuration, a multi-color silkscreen background, and a cd soundtrack.
Click on the pictures for close up view. Limited to 50 signed copies.

30 dollars no sense.

40 Dollars- International:

hungry ghost cd
Laser cut cover sleeve

detail image

MUDBOY #V 2007
" Hungry Ghosts!- These Songs are Doors."
CD! available from Digitalis industries


5."Wwhirlpool, Wwindow Liight Nightt" or
7. Shockwave!

THE BIRTH OF DOOM DUB, A year in the making.

With Guests Larkin Grimm, Eric Carlson of Area C, and Dave Lifreri of Urdog+ Manbeard.

ACE005—CD ($13)
(From the Digitalis site)
"Hungry Ghosts!, the listener is given glimpses into a whole host of new worlds. Each song is like a diorama; intricate, detailed, and totally 3-D. You'll find yourself wandering aimlessly through this mess of devilish sonic missives only to realize that once it ends, not only are you lost, but completely entranced and calm. This is meditative music for the agitated soul. Like poltergeists that haunt belfries and spires, Mudboy is never in one place for too long. ..." more...

This is the CD version of the recent LP on Not Not Fun. This enhanced CD contains the same music as the LP as well as a short video by Mudboy and David Fischer , "Othern Lights." The disc is packaged in lasercut & slightly burned cardstock sleeves with matching insert.


contact for review copies


hand silkscreened

VIDEO EXPERIENCE-DVD special edition.
YIKES I found some copies
10 left. email me, Ill send you an invoice

Directions: Project 10'x10' or place face close to television screen. Press play. 200 copies.

" Othern Lights is a 7 minute immersive video experience. This video animation was programmed at the most basic level in postscript and C using late era mainframes. No video editing software was introduced at any time to produce the visual effects you see. Sound by mudboy, animation by David Fischer."

good for parties. Deep staring.
See its re-release by "STONER GOLD" Superlabel sometime 2012

Limited sedition



usa is a mudboy
(mudboy+USA is a Monster)
split cassette/cd
Kites is a Monster
(Kites + USA is a Monster )

-2 side 45min Cassette
-mass dist DUAL release.CDR AND CS

Drone Jokes!
Deep listening Reggeatone
each side exactly the same length!

Limited covers- get them while they last.
"Actually mastered" mud side
"Properly recorded" kite side

:"10 out of 10"-digitalisindustries
"An especially Deep Double Dose"- KFJC
Read the Review

listen to some usaisamudboy excerpt here:

photocopy/+silkscreen (sticker reverse)

Half Ice Half Wasted
mudboy beats+ DJ Jassy Jesssssss

CASSETTE and CD DUAL release

Someone had the retarded Idea of attaching the inputs and outputs of the nations finest DJ of Freakcore smashedup with the stylings of mudboy Beats. As DJ Jassy Jesssss turns the twist hop up up up mudboy hotwires his openfaced drum machine live.
A finely compiled collection from many hours of recording. 100% HITS!
We promise to meet you in the future with this one.


5$- Domestic CS(USA) copy- Free Shipping

8$- Internationanl copy CS -Free Shipping

5$- Domestic CDR (USA) copy- Free Shipping

8$- Internationanl copy CDR -Free Shipping


LP laser cut/silkscreen

2007 " Hungry Ghosts!- These Songs are Doors."
Full length LP from notnotfun

(available in CD from Digitalis see above)

Select SIGNED copies available 75$

THE BIRTH OF DOOM DUB, A year in the making.

With Guests Larkin Grimm, Area C, and Dave Lifreri of Urdog.

"NNF084—LP (original price $13)
For most of us, the doors of perception are triple-bolted shut and cast in bomb-proof iron. Only supernatural shapeshifters (or career criminals) can slip through and seize the wisdom within. But, sweetly, there is a hidden entrance: musick-as-magick. Providence, RI patch-cable conjuror Mudboy is one such secret key-crafter and his unlocking labors on this long-player stand at the summit of his already awesome discography. Alchemizing stylized soundtrack spells, organ wizardry, melodic mind-reading, and elegantly meditative harmonium hallucinations, Hungry Ghosts! These Songs Are Doors lights an urn’s worth of ritual powders and powers, filling the speakers with a sign language of smoke runes and ghost tones. Lie on the floor and be floored by Mudboy’s primordial plainsongs. Record comes housed in a dizzyingly intricate laser die-cut fold-over cover with an acutely aligned flame-silkscreened inner sleeve. Painstaking and perfect. Half on blood-red wax, half on black. Limited to 500." NOT NOT FUN RECORDS

LPsilkscreen -inside scratch and sniff

" Let It Be A Nightingale Then" / "Whose Words Are My Words"

2006- Full Length LP- REVIEWS
-Bread and Animals release-300 copies

Signed copies available 150$

"Best Album of 2006"- Dennis Tyfus/Ultraeczema

side A: MUDBOY
(2006)-(From Bread and Animals)(BE)

side A is MUDBOY solo atmosphere meditation. (with a little help from PUMICE on the first track). blurry HANS GRUSEL vibes mixed with early 80's sci-fi moods... it's like watching VIDEODROME and feeling the gun (gung) crawling a way into your own hand...
excerpt track one w/ Pumice mp3
(A side)

side B is MUDBOY together with Belgian 6 year old synthwizard ORPHAN FAIRYTALE. very deep meditation .... birds, wolves howl, beauty vocals and synthlayers, walking arm in arm into the dream of you. BO HANSSON checking things from the side... correct. heavy silkscreened collab cover! too many colors to mention. scratch and sniff paint!
excerpt track 6 with Orphan Fairytale(B side)


2007-running out of copies.

45 minutes of the most mind numbing jaw dropping... I dont know. BEATS ONLY.
No Organ No Singing nuthin.
This is for driving in the car at night..Raymond scott meets 80's belgian breakcore. Album art is fold out silkscreen collab with K. Hooyman. Sticker says 2006. its a lie..

25$-all but sold out (USA) copy- Free Shipping

This is now also available in a POMACE edition
(Whats that?) For a measly 6 dollars US, 9$ International. On request (email me)


"Escape Velocity-Italy etal"

2006- cd-r edition of 100

_hot off the press, combining the finest horrible moments of of some terrible spelcasting in Northern Italy. New Instruments! featuring the mudboy mini and the "bag of guts"
30 min. Limited to 100 copies, covers vary- mostly Finish childrensbooks.



2006-" Ffflying Llama"

2006- cd-r edition of 300

Some of the final recordings of the late great beast before ot went into organ retirement. Sound sources from the wizzards/Irene moon USA tour.

"New limited CD-R from this shadowy avant provocateur, conceptual punkster and "doctor of experimental organomics" who previously turned up on Last Visible Dog's great Invisible Pyramid set. A series of heavy, organ dooms with low-level use of spoken word tapes, firecracker bombs and warping psychedelic F/X "- Volcanic Tongue

4 color hand made silkscreen cover by the artist.



MUDBOY #IV "This is Folk Music"
edition of 500 Jewel case CD
-Last Visible Dog. release
47 minutes 2005
RARE these are the last copies.

This first "high fidelity" mudboy recording represents selections from over a year . Pretty drone and underground classical becomes a voyage to a haunting dark wave.
"An atmosphere of menace that's strangely warm and inviting"
Jewel case and fold out miniposter inside.

listen: Lost- trk #7
mp3- 8 min.

listen: Coming Here Was a Bad Idear- trk#10
mp3 -2 min
GET IT FROM me here
20$- Domestic (USA) copy- Free Shipping

25$- Internationanl copy -Free Shipping


Pro press

The Invisible Pyramid: Elegy 6-cd box set compilation.

LVD's second compilation and spiritual successor to Drunken Fish's Harmony of the Spheres box finds its inspiration in the writings of Loren Eiseley; for whom an elegy to the first victims of the still-escalating wave of man-made mass extinction seemed appropriate.
Each artist has dedicated their track to a recently extinct species.

"Last Visible Dog drop a hydrogen psych-bomb with the release of the monumental six CD set, "Invisible Pyramid: Elegy Box." This compilation is a massive force to be reckoned with. With over seven hours of music, it should practically have its own zipcode.... " more


Disc 1: Black Forest/Black Sea, Birchville Cat Motel, Wolfmangler, Loren Chasse, Bardo Pond
Disc 2: es, Andrea Belfi & Stefano Pilia, Sunken, Kulkija, Tomu Tonttu
Disc 3: UP-TIGHT, Flies Inside the Sun, Uton, mudboy, Steven R. Smith
Disc 4: Keijo, Doktor Kettu, My Cat is an alien, One Inch of Shadow, Fursaxa
Disc 5: Ashtray Navigations, Peter Wright, Geoff Mullen, Urdog, Miminokoto
Disc 6: Area C, Ben Reynolds, Seht, Avarus, Renato Rinaldi, Matt De Gennaro

GET IT from Last Visible Dog.


33 minutes 2004 -Retina Scan release

Track 3
Get Your Mud on.
The famous make it or break it Safari Lounge (Prov.-RI)

Kicks Mudboy's ass.
Listen for the Jeering Crowds. A live show of special significance. Special duo fold covers. Youll see.

Get it from Retina scan (de.)



MUDBOY volume II
- Resnik Loves Me

Further Adventures in Space, Time, Math, and Other Inconsistencies.

60 min 2001

Track 5
Track 11

Experimental Organ Music for furniture. Silkscreen on Pizza box cover (very neat) Silkscreen double sided insert. Older Stuff...

This is now also available in a POMACE edition
(Whats that?) For a measly 6 dollars US, 9$ International. On request (email me)


MUDBOY+TOMY ORGANISM: A preliminary sampler
50 minutes 2004

Some live recordings of a strange symbiosis. Tomy is a highly intelligent computer which composes in real time. Mudboy is not. Live at The Palaz of Hoon.

Pleasant and musical, noisy and thunderous. Special appearance by live whales, seagulls-Extras Providence Performing Arts Center Wurlitzer. Individualized cover.

Exspaxtular mp3 see-liction


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